Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ella's 4th Birthday Party

Ella had a fantastic time at her birthday party thanks to her mom's great planning abilities. Festivities included her favorites: a jumping castle, a piñata, cake, balloons, and good friends.

This was our first successful piñata ever. Every kid got a several chances to give the beast (a pink unicorn) a good whack. In the end, the rope attachment failed and the poor thing dropped the ground where it was immediately set upon by ravenous children. A cascade of multi-colored jellybeans exploded from the color-tissue festooned cacass to the delight of all.

Now that Ella is officially a 'big girl' at 4 years old, she now looks after her little brother Ethan to keep him from getting into things. This has its pros and cons...! :)

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