Saturday, June 14, 2008


Perhaps you won't be surprised to discover that both children were elated when I suggested a spontaneous trip to the zoo. This was truly an adventure for both, and it was Ethan's first time which made it really special.

We started with a ride to the train station in the van listening to the "They Might Be Giant's" album "NO!". Ella's favorite song goes "No means no. No is always no. When you hear no it means no, no, no...[guitar refrain]...No plus No equals No....." With this discovery of the latest TMBG album in the store, the band catapulted back to my (dad's) favorite all time group.

When we got to the Metro station, Ella was VERY excited and everything was cool with Ethan until the doors shut and the train started moving. He then proceded to wail unil we were about halfway to DC when he discovered that his imminent death appeared to be taking longer than he thought.

The kids loved the zoo. We had a treat from Australia this time as the emu and the wallaby's were out feeding right next to their fence so we could see them up close. The best part was when Ethan saw his first elephant. Check out his astonishment in this photo here being held by daddy. A lioness was playful today and started tossing around a giant red rubber ball. Ella was delighted.

All in all, the journey was a success and of course the kids fell asleep as soon as we got home.

Metro ride: $3.40
National zoo admission: Free
Amazement of your two year old on seeing his first elephant: Priceless

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